Your are not more prettier than anyone. Or more funner.

I run into this one all the time, from all rungs of the company ladder:

She’s more prettier than her mother.

That would be more funner.

This brownie’s more bigger than that one.

He plays mo’ better blues. (A movie I happened to like.)

So here comes the grammar lesson. There are two main ways to compare things, based on the number of things you’re comparing:

Comparative: Comparing two things. Formed by adding an “er” to the adjective. As in: His tattoo is nastier than hers.

Superlative:  Comparing three or more things. Created by adding an “est” to the adjective. As in: She’s the sluttiest of all the bachelorettes.

But popular demand has wedged in a third one I’m calling “idiotive.”

Idiotive:  He’s more smarter than me. (I’m sure he is.)

What exactly does that mean? Are they trying to say that something is more that more? Or just adding a little to spit to the comparison? Because if you were “more more,” wouldn’t you be most?